Woodland Conservation

The Emerald Hills Estate has adopted a ground breaking approach to the conservation of critically endangered woodland that exists in the north east corner of the site. The Emerald Hills Estate is the first development in NSW to directly coordinate development with woodland conservation via the NSW Government's Biodiversity Banking and Offsets Scheme (Bio Banking).

The NSW Government introduced Bio Banking to help address the loss of biodiversity values due to development. Bio Banking provides a streamlined biodiversity assessment process for development via an offsetting scheme. It  enables 'biodiversity credits' to be generated by landowners and developers who commit to enhance and protect biodiversity values on their land through a bio banking agreement. Credits can be used to counterbalance (or offset) the impacts on biodiversity values that are likely to occur as a result of development.

Macarthur Developments, working with Camden Council, the NSW Office of Environment and the landowner has secured the ‘bio banking’ of the woodland. This includes ongoing funding provided by Macarthur Developments for the long term management of the woodland to enable it to be preserved and maintained in perpetuity.

Due to its conservation status the land will remain in private ownership and public access is not possible.

For further information regarding to the bio banking of the land and relevant environmental approvals please see the following relevant documents. EHE EPBC Compliance Report 2016-2017Agreement159 and Phytophthora Management Plan