About Macarthur Developments

As a local development company, we have a genuine commitment to the people of the Macarthur area – people we live and work next to – to deliver communities that are designed to thrive, grow and sustain. As such, we aim to ensure that family values and ideals are always the focus of our planning and the building of the communities that we create.

Macarthur Developments communities have family values in mind

Established in 2009, the Macarthur Developments' business might be new, but its heritage is strong. The Macarthur Developments team are passionate about creating the best places for people to call home. The team has a solid commitment to the Macarthur area dating as far back as the 1920s. The development and master-planned communities we create aim to encourage future generations to continue to stay and thrive in the local area.
With such a strong commitment to the local Macarthur area, we apply our same set of family values to the communities we are entrusted with creating. As such, we continually challenge ourselves by asking "Would I live there?"

Our Values

Every Macarthur Developments site is carefully chosen with the amenity and quality of life of its future community in mind. All of the developments we create are master-planned with a variety of house and land packages available, a wide range of community services and facilities, and everything you need to live a happy and healthy lifestyle with your family. We build communities in growth areas with access to education and employment opportunities and transport options. All of our communities are designed to thrive, sustain and grow.