How to Buy

Step 1. Selecting a lot

To select a lot in Emerald Hills you can review the master plan in our Sales Office or visit the interactive master plan on our website.

We suggest that you talk to our Sales Team to assist you in the selection of your preferred lot, to answer any queries you may have and to give you the most up to date information that we have available.

You should also review the contract for sale and undertake appropriate due diligence to familiarise yourself with all the characterstics of the lot that you are interested in purchasing. 

Step 2. Completion of Sales Advice and Payment of Reservation Fee

Once you have selected your land from the existing choice available please contact our sales team and you will be emailed the Sales Advice Form.

To fast-track the purchase process, when you receive the Sales Advice Form you will need to have your solicitor or licensed conveyancer contact details ready to provide in the form. This form will give us the full details for the Contract for Sale of Land.

The completed Sales Advice Form, payment of the $1,000 Reservation Fee and a copy of your photo ID to verify your details must then be returned to our Sales Office within 24 hours of our emailing the forms to you in order to initiate the process.

If you decide not to proceed at any time after this point the $1,000 reservation fee will not be refunded or transferred.

Should you proceed to purchase the lot the reservation fee will go towards your 5% deposit payable on exchange of contracts (see step 3 below). 

Step 3. Exchange Contract

Soon after receiving your signed sales advice our solicitor will issue the contract to your solicitor or conveyancer for review and you will have 21 days to exchange contracts with us. At this time you will be asked to pay a 5% deposit on the full purchase price.

We also suggest that, at this time, you confirm with your solicitor or conveyancer when payment of Stamp Duty to the NSW Office of State Revenue is due.


Step 4. Land Registration

If your land is registered you may skip Step 4 and proceed to Step 5 below.

If your lot is not registered you will need to wait until construction of the lot is completed and the Lot has been formally registered with the NSW Land Registry.

When your lot is registered you will be required to finalise the purchase of your land within 14 days of registration and take possession (settlement). At this time the balance of the purchase price will be paid.

We will advise you in advance of the approaching settlement date, when we have certainty on the land registration and title issue date by NSW Land Registry (NSWLRS).

Step 5. Finalisation of Purchase

If your lot is already registered you will be required to finalise the purchase of your land and take possession (settlement) within 35 of the Exchange of Contracts. At this time the balance of the purchase price will be paid.

Terms and Conditions of the Purchase Process

The details provided in the Sales Advice must be correct and complete as this information will be used in the contract.

A registration in the name of a Company will not be accepted.

No changes, additions or deletions of registered names will be permitted at any time, before or after exchange of contracts. That is, a purchase is NOT transferable.

Proof of Identification will be required to commence the sales documentation comprising:

  • For Australian citizens or permanent residents: an Australian Passport or Australian Drivers Licence and Medicare Card or Permanent Residency Visa/lmmicard; or

  • For foreign purchasers: a foreign passport or other acceptable identification.

Credit / debit card payments only will be accepted for registration. Cash will not be accepted.

All persons listed as purchasers must be present for the exchange of contracts. No Letters of Authority or Powers of Attorney will be accepted.

Macarthur Developments reserves the right to withdraw any lot or lots from the sale and vary, amend or terminate these terms and conditions at any time without notice.