How to Buy

Step 1. Purchasing a lot

To purchase a lot in Emerald Hills Estate you have one of two methods

  1. You can participate in our “On Line Lot Preference” sale process via our website at the time of the first release of the lots in a Stage; or

  2. You can review the master plan and select your preferred lot from the choices that remain available from earlier releases. Visit the interactive master plan on our website to view these releases. If you elect to purchase this way, you can skip Steps 3 to 6 and proceed to STEP 7 below

Step 2. Registering your interest to be advised of invitations to participate in our On Line Lot Preference sales process

You will need to register on our database. You can register via our website at Register Your Interest, or contact us for assistance.

Once registered, you will be advised by email of future land releases and times and dates that our ‘On Line Lot Preference’ sales process for a lot release will commence.

Step 3. On Line Lot Release Period Commences

Once a Release Period commences you will receive an email letting you know that land will be for sale via the On Line Lot Preference process. The email will invite you to participate. You will have 10 tens days to review stage plans, lot plans and pricing. This gives you time to find and research the right block for you.

The email will also advise you of the time and date that the On Line Lot Preference Process will open. You will need to be ready to access high speed internet at that time if you wish to participate.

Step 4. On Line Lot Preference Process Opens

At 8.00pm on the specified date, our On Line Lot Preference process will open and you will be able to make a request to purchase your preferred lot on a registration form on our website.

If we receive more than one request to purchase a particular lot, your request will be automatically prioritised and queued on a ‘first come first served’ basis by our website software.

The On Line Lot Preferences invitation period will remain open until 8:00am the morning after the specified date.

However please be aware that, if we receive a lot of requests and all opportunities for all lots in the release are taken up quickly, the period could close earlier.

Please also note that you cannot submit a request for a lot preference in person in our Sales Office, or by phone. All requests must be made on line via our website. Therefore you will need to be satisfied that you have all the relevant information to enable you to make the decision to participate in the process to purchase a particular lot by 5.00pm of the specified date (after which our office closes).

Step 5. Advice on Success and Payment of Reservation Fee

If you are successful with your lot preference we will contact you by phone to confirm your purchase and email you the Sales Advice and Reservation Fee Payment Forms.

You will need to have your credit card details available to pay the non-refundable lot reservation fee.

Step 6. Second Oportunity

If, for any reason, the reservation fee is not paid the next appointment request in the queue for that lot will be contacted by our Sales Team to progress the purchase as above.

Thus it may be a few days before you find out whether you have been successful or not in the On Line Lot Preference process.

Step 7. Completion of Sales Advice and Payment of Reservation Fee

If you have selected your land from the existing choice available, please contact our sales team and you will be emailed the Sales Advice and Reservation Fee Payment Forms.

To fast-track the purchase process, when you receive the Sales Advice Form (either following your success in the preference process or by direct selection), you will need to have your solicitor or licensed conveyancer contact details ready to provide in the form. This form will give us the full details for the Contract for Sale of Land.

The completed Sales Advice Form, payment of the Reservation Fee and a copy of your photo ID to verify your details must then be emailed back within 24 hours of our emailing the forms to you in order to initiate the process.

If you decide not to proceed at any time after this point the $1,500 reservation fee will not be refunded or transferred.

Should you proceed to purchase the lot the reservation fee will go towards your 10% deposit payable on exchange of contracts (see step 8 below).

Step 8. Exchange Contracts

Soon after receiving you signed sales advice our solicitor will issue contracts to your solicitor or conveyancer for review and you will have 21 days from issue of contract to exchange. At this time you will be asked to pay a 10% deposit on the full purchase price.

We suggest you confirm with your solicitor or conveyancer when payment of Stamp Duty to the NSW Office of State Revenue is due.

Step 9. Land Registration

When the land is registered you will be required to finalise the purchase of your land and take possession (settlement). At this time the balance of the purchase price will be paid.

We will advise you in advance of the approaching settlement date, when we have certainty on the land registration and title issue date by NSW Land and Property Information (LPI).